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MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

BMW is a German luxury automobile manufacturer which was founded in 1916. Since its inception, BMW has developed into of one of the worlds leading car manufacturers and currently tops the worlds luxury car business. So its no co-incidence that a strong proportion of engine sales in the UK market are for BMW vehicles. At MKL Motors, our ethos is to provide high quality replacement BMW Engines. We can offer both used and reconditioned engines, but we feel that for increased reliability, a clients best option would be to opt for an engine that has been reconditioned.

BMW Engines

For Sale:

In simple terms, a

reconditioned BMW engine

is one that has been disassembled, examined for defective components and then re-built with brand internal components. Each BMW Engine’s building process will differ from one unit to the next. But, the overall aim of this process is to restore the engine closer to its original manufacturing standard. As a result of this procedure you can expect to receive a BMW engine which essentially has ‘Zero’ miles.

With a great deal of experience in the automotive industry, and with a team of highly skilled engineers, we are confident we can provide you with the high quality BMW engine to satisfy your needs.

One of the aims of MKL Motors is to simplify the client experience, so as well as offering

replacement engines

, we also offer optional fitting and vehicle recovery services.

Get in touch with our friendly sales for free expert advice and to discuss your needs further.

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